Fishing Ethics in South Carolina’s Waters

South Carolina’s saltwater recreational fishing is unsurpassed. A maze of tidal creeks that flow through thousands of acres of marshland, nearly a half-million acres of tidal bottoms, and 3,000 miles of tidal shoreline provide vast opportunities for saltwater anglers Fishing shoulder-to-shoulder from a Myrtle Beach ocean pier, hooking a spotted sea trout in Murrells Inlet, fighting a cobia in Broad River, or going after dolphin or a giant blue marlin in the Gulf Stream all await the saltwater angler in South Carolina. The coast provides the quality and diversity of saltwater angling that has made it one of the best sport fishing areas along the Atlantic coast

Although most people once considered ocean resources to be unlimited, recent rapid declines in the populations of many commercial and recreational species have demonstrated the opposite. Numerous types of saltwater gamefish are over-harvested, and other species will face a similar fate unless anglers practice wise conservation and adopt an ethical approach to fishing.

Size and catch limits, seasons, and gear restrictions should be adhered to strictly. These regulations change from time to time as managers learn more about fish life histories, and as they aim to continue to provide angling opportunities without depleting populations. The challenge of catching, not killing, fish provides anglers with the excitement and the reward of fishing. Undersized fish should be released to ensure the success of future populations. The number of tagged and released saltwater fish increases annually in South Carolina as more fishermen adopt this practice, which provides information on the growth and movement of fish and helps to conserve our resources.

Fishermen can also contribute to conservation by purchasing a Saltwater Recreational Fishing License, which is required to fish from a private boat or to gather shellfish in South Carolina’s saltwater. Funds generated by the sale of licenses are used for programs that directly benefit saltwater fish and fishermen. Help conserve our natural resources for the enjoyment of future generations by adhering to all rules, regulations, seasons, catch limits and size limits, and through the catch-and-release of saltwater game fish.

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